3 Great Australian Train Journeys for the solo traveller

Road tripping is regarded as the best way to discover and savour the Australian Outback. The feeling of freedom by setting off on a road trip is priceless. At the same time, the Australian train journey can be a great way of reaching remote areas of the country without the fatigue that long driving distances often involve.

Travelling Australia by train is a good alternative to self-driving, that allows you to get the feel of the vastness of the country, enjoy the beauty of the landscape. This way you can cover long distances at a more relaxed pace.

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Which are the great Australian train journeys

Last year I had the chance of travelling around Australia by train for a long time. In a couple of months, I went from the Tropical North of Queensland and coastal areas to the south-west and Central Australia’s Outback Heart. I travelled on seven different train services, crisscrossed Australia totalling over 14,000 kilometres. It has been a great experience that allowed me to see remote areas of Australia that I would not have seen otherwise. For solo travellers train travel in Australia is indeed a great way of discovering less travelled, remote places of the sunburnt country.

Here below you find a short recap of 3 great Australian Train Journeys that take you to some beautiful Australian Outback destinations.

From Sydney to Broken Hill by Train 
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This is, in my opinion, the most spectacular Australian train journey in terms of landscape beauty and diversity.

The train route goes through the Blue Mountains majestic blue gum forest, mountain villages, vast grassland plains, to the lush green countryside, and rugged Outback areas.

An incredible train journey across Australia that I can highly recommend to anyone who wants to make an authentic Australian train experience.

But to do so be sure you book the day train leaving from Sydney early in the morning arriving at its destination in the evening. In a total of 14 hours of the fascinating train journey experience.

Here you can learn more about my experience on board of the Xplorer Train from Sydney to Broken hill.

From Brisbane to Cunnumulla on the Westlander Train
The Westlander Train
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This night train leaves from Brisbane and gets the following day in the southwestern Queensland’s outback town of Charleville. From Charleville, there is a coach connection that takes you on a 200km road trip to the final destination, Cunnamulla.

This is a long Australian train journey. It’s mostly a night journey, early in the morning the train stops 15minutes in Roma where you have the chance to get off the train for a short break and take photos of beautiful sunrise colours. The landscape changes from lush vegetation and pastoral areas to the rugged red earth. Read more about the Westlander Train Journey.

The Ghan Train – Crossing the Country from South to North
The ghan train in Alice
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The Ghan train is by far the most popular train journey in Australia and one among the most popular train journeys in the world. It is a great experience. I have done it three times already. Although I was not such an enthusiast on my first trip eight years ago, last year I had a great time on this train.

Vast improvements have been made to the Red Carriage Service* and now I can recommend it to people who want to experience the Australian Outback and sit back comfortably.

It is also an excellent way of reaching the beautiful Outback town of Alice Springs in Central Australia and Darwin in the Top End of the Country, without having to fly.

The train rides twice a week in the high season and once a week during the wet season. But to sure check out the Great Southern Rail website for update information. Here you can read about my experience abord the Ghan Train.

More Australian Train Journeys worth considering

There are more great Australian train journeys worth trying out. The Indian Pacific train takes you in 3 days from Sydney to Perth, crossing Australia from the Eastern to the Western Coast.

If you get yourself an Australia Pass, you can stop along the way and spend a few days visiting the beautiful Outback town of Broken Hill or pay a visit to Adelaide.

An Australia RailPass is a good idea if you plan to make good use of the train services in Australia and it’s excellent value for money! If you plan to travel by train in Australia, you can check out my travel tips here.

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