Your Australia Itinerary

Australia Solo Travel Book

The Ultimate Guide for the independent Traveller in Australia!

This book shows you how to choose the best travel destinations and the most cost-effective ways of travelling around Australia, in the time you have, by providing you with all key travel planning elements. 

Learn about the best practices  for stress-free travel planning and travelling Australia with confidence.

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What you will get from the book

Save hours of your time

Create your Australia Itinerary in less than a week.

Save hours of wading through the abundance of information on the internet. Learn how to find your focus and make 80% of all arrangements before leaving home, without having to make changes in the last minute.

Create a thought-out itinerary

Balance time frame with places and distances.

Find out how much time you need for visiting each place, what you can and can’t do. Learn how to travel on a budget by maximizing your time by 200% and save thousands of dollars on your Australia Trip.

Travel your way to see Australia

Get a picture of what you can and want to do.

Go through 4 detailed travel itinerary suggestions and 36 customization options, checklists, estimate of costs, travel resources to quickly create your own travel itinerary that fits with your time frame, your travel style and your budget.

Get Expert advice from an insider

Overcome your doubts about travelling Australia.

Still have questions, doubts about what to do or which travel itinerary to choose? Don't worry, get in touch with me via email and I will answer your travel related questions to help you firm up your Australia Travel Itinerary.

What readers say

This is truly the ultimate guide to travel through Australia; not only for solo female travellers as it is aimed, however also highly suitable for anyone considering travel through the country. As an Australian I learnt more about my own country from this guide than from 14 years of residency! Michela goes above and beyond telling reader "what to do", but also provides them with the knowledge of how to do it. Her trip planning basics lay out everything a first time traveler needs to know, and her comprehensive itineraries equip you with a detailed checklist, outline and Google map overview for those considering a road trip. She goes above and beyond by recommending extended or shortened itineraries for those with little or extra time, and provides the reader with a fantastic list of additional resources for travel throughout each Australian State. This guide covers everything!.
Megan Jerrard
Mapping Megan, AUS
The book has been extremely beneficial to planning my trip. Prior to reading "Your Australia Itinerary," I was desperately trying to locate several of the visual travel planning elements that Michela included in this book such as transportation times/distance, climate/season to territory, etc.- Michela's book, blog, and personal advice on female solo travel to OZ is a unique niche like no other - however it was exactly what I was looking for! Michela is an experienced, female solo traveler to Australia and is substantiated in her book. I couldn't have mastered the planning of my dream trip without her and her book!
Jenny Porshakin
Forth Worth, Texas, US
This is hands-down the most comprehensive guide for traveling through Australia I have ever read. First Michela helps you decide where to go based on what’s important to you, and then she gives you the exact information and tools that you need to get there. What really impressed me were the incredibly detailed itineraries, customized for different time frames. This guide will literally save you days, if not weeks, of research and planning! Although it’s titled ‘the ultimate guide for solo female travelers,’ I would highly recommend it for anyone planning a dream trip to Australia.
Mandie Sanders
Chicago, Illinois, US

About the Author

Michela Fantinel

I'm the founder and owner of Rocky Travel Blog, a popular Travel Blog for independent, savvy, solo travellers who love to travel in a smart, independent and sustainable way. In over 12 years of solo travels around Australia, I have criss-crossed Australia and covered nearly 100 thousands kms. I know how important it is to be well-prepared and have everything in place before travelling around Australia.

Get in touch with me after purchasing the book for any questions you may have!

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