Volunteer Work in Australia

Australia is a great country for volunteering. Volunteering_Australia2 It offers the opportunity to residents as well as to foreign travellers and students  to get involved in environmental and social projects, thus become part of the australian community by doing volunteer work. Before getting into details, let's have a look at what volunteering means.

What is  volunteer work in Australia

Volunteer work by definition is something that you personally choose to do and in no way is related to paid work. Volunteer work is no replacement for paid work either. It is something you choose to do out of your wish to experience new challenges and be confronted with the local  environmental and social conditions of the country you live in or travel to.

Volunteer work only can take place within non profit organizations which are involved in projects with the goal of being a benefit of the whole community and of the volunteers too.

Why volunteer work in Australia

Volunteering in Australia is a great opportunity not only to learn about the environmental, social, needs of the country, but also a way of being part of the related activities of the community and thus contributing to the conservation of the australian land, the australian wildlife, the australian culture as well as promoting equality, dignity, human and animal rights.

There are many individual benefits you can gain and here below I can list some:

  • personal development
  • acquiring knowledge and new skills
  • helping the community
  • exploring new environments
  • contributing with ideas and abilities
  • meeting new people
  • doing small things that makes a huge difference
  • having fun

Who choose volunteer work in Australia

Australia has a large offer of  volunteer work. Did you know that over 5millions of Australians volunteer each year thus contributing to the community with their work ? Over 45% of them are aged 35-44 years, however the younger people between 18-24 represent the biggest growth area in volunteering. The most active volunteers are from Queensland and ACT.  On top of this statistics you can add the increasing number of international volunteers, i.e. foreign students and travellers coming to Australia every year to join a volunteer project.

Where volunteer work in Australia

There is a large number of non profit organizations in Australia where you can research and apply for volunteer work. The type of organizations range from:

  • sport, recreation
  • education
  • training
  • land conservation
  • wildlife conservation
  • community services
  • welfare
  • religios groups

Here is a link to the  Organizations Profiles from GoVolunteer as part of an initiative of Volunteering Australia where you can check out for more detailed information and see what volunteering projects are currently available.

What volunteer work in Australia I can recommend

I have always wanted to experience some volunteer work in Australia. During my last trip in Australia,  I have been lucky to do this amazing  Volunteer Work with Wildlife in Queensland

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