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Travel Planning Resources for AustraliaTravel Planning Resources for your Australia Trip

This is a list of valuable travel planning resources to help you quickly find what you are looking for. From how to find the best flight deals and cheap hotels online to how to book a car hire in Australia, with no upfront fees.

I have been searching, evaluating and trying these resources out personally. And I am using these travel tools myself all the times whenever I organize my Travels around Australia and in other parts of the world.

How to prepare for travelling to Australia

Australia Travel Insurance Tips and ResourcesWhat do you need to do before travelling in  Australia ? The first thing you need after buying your flight ticket is to check the validity of your pass and get a Travel Visa Australia. All European Visitors get a free travel visa through the e-visitors online application. Click on this page for more information.

Moreover you need to get a good value travel insurance that covers not only your travel expenses, personal liability but also important medical aspects.  I never travel without travel insurance. Beign Australia a remote country with huge distances it is essential to get a good value travel policy that fully covers all important travel aspects.

You can check out this page with tips and insights on how to evaluate the type of Australia Travel Insurance.  This page takes you to a search box to fill in to get a Travel Insurance Quote for Australia.

Flying to Australia

How to find good value Internal Flights in Australia

The first step to seal your Australia Trip is to buy a flight ticket. The research online may take a few weeks of your time before identifying which are the best airlines companies. I have done the work for you and have selected a few top airlines flying to Australia. On this page you found valuable tips on cheap flights to Australia along with links to the selected airlines.

Good Airlines Companies for flying to Australia

These are the two airlines companies that I can recommend for the most competitive flight rates to Australia. If you are flying from Europe and Asia I would go with Emirates, whereas if you are leaving from the U.S. I would check out Qantas. I personally use Qantas for all my internal flights in Australia too. Lately Emirates merged with Qantas so that you can book your flight to Australia and at the same time add some more flight legs within Australia by using the multiple destination tool when booking.

Emirates if you are leaving from Europe and Asia
Qantas if you are leaving from USA

Flying within Australia

For long distances within Australia it may be wise to fly instead of driving. On this page you can search and find real time deals for internal flights in Australia

How to travel around Australia

Rent a Car in AustraliaTravelling around Australia is not something that you can leave to chance and choosing the appropriate way of getting from one destination to the next is vital for your trip enjoyment.  By choosing wisely how to get around Australia it will save you hours of your time if you have to make up your mind when travelling.

Car Hire Comparison Sites for Australia

On the 2 pages below you find the best travel resources for comparing and booking car rentals with no fees and upfront payment. Click on the links below to learn more about this travel resource.

Car hire in Australia

Campervan hire in Australia

Good value accomodation in Australia

Bed_Hotels_CombinedDepending on the type of travel you are looking for in Australia, on this page you will find the right type of accommadion that suits your travel style. Either a 5 star hotel, or a comfort Bed & Breakfast, to a wilderness eco-lodge,  a budget hostel, or a comfy rental home.

Check out this page with an excellent list of resources for good value  Accommodation in Australia

More Travel Planning Tools for Australia

If you wish to plan your Australia Trip completely on your own you need a good list of travel planning resources at your hand to grab whenever you need them. Either on a 4W road trip or a cruise adventure you need to know where to quickly find what you need. The following resources are very useful for travelling Australia independently. I will keep adding them whenever I come across a new travel resource that can add value to our trip enjoymnt and make our lfe on the road more comfortable. It can be travel gear, travel clothing, travel maps, travel apps or travel devices and mobile gear.

Check out this page on a regular basis for updates.

Australia Tours

Do you love to travel independently but at the same time you want to make the most of each destination. Sometimes it is better to choose to go on a tour that will provide you with ahow to find and book good Australia Tours deeper knowledge of the place rather than explore a place on your own. There are no guide books that can provide the insight of a local tour guide. However it is not easy to know which are good ones and really worth your time and your money.  Among the wide offer of australia tours I would recommend to choose a local private tour company rather than using a multinational tour company. On this Australia Tours Page  you can get an overview of how to look for tours in Australia along with a list of good australian based tour companies.

Find and Book online Australia Tours  with this comparison site offering discounted australian day tours.

Australia Travel Maps

Online shopping for Australia Travel Maps

Nowadays the digital technology offers hundreds of applications that you can easily download on your phone, that you hardly need a printed road map anymore. However on Outback Road Trips it may be tricky to use them properly due to the remoteness of the outback areas. That’s why it can be handy to take with you an old good road map that can tell you exactly where you are and where you are heading to without fail.

In Australia you will need a detailed Australia Map of your destinations especially if you are travelling on your. Travel Universe is a great resource for buying online any kind of Australia travel map from destination maps to road maps  as well as a wide range of outdoor travel gear that you may also need for your Australian Road Trips.

Check out Travel Universe

Australia Travel Clothing Online

In Australia you will go through different climate zones and abrupt changes of weather conditions all the times. Therefore it is very important from the beginning of you trip to know whatOnline Resources for Backpacking Australia to wear and how to pack for your Australia Trip.

On this Blog Post you can read about my tips on what to wear when travelling in Australia. If you want to take advantage of online shopping you can check out this comparison site for outdoor travel clothing brands that sell travel wear and travl gear online at discounted rates. This is the page that takes you to a  Great selection of Deuter backpacks

Australia Rocky Travel Planning Help

If you do not have the time to invest over weekends but want to make an accurate plan and need the expert advice on important Australia Trip Planningchoices, let me help you! Either refining your ideas or setting up a complete itinerary from scratch, I help you choose the right transportation, allocate the right timing to each place so that you can maximize your time, save money and travel more independently.

For more information check out our page with details about our Australia Tavel Planning Services.

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Happy and Safe Travels in Australia!

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