The Rocky Travel Journal

This Travel Journal about my Australian Adventures

On the Rocky Travel Journal you will get updates about my trips in Australia, about where I WindJacket-BoatTour copy 2am right now and what I am going to do and see next.

The Rocky Travel Journal is a live report about each trip and it is divided into sections and regions.

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The Rocky Travel Journal – the upcoming trips

Australia Trip 2015

In 2105 my bizarre travel plans will continue, with more fun travel adventures! What will 2015 hold for me? Find it out here.

I look forward to getting in touch with you!

The Travel Journal – 10 years of Australia Trips

Australia Trip 2014

Australia Trip 2013

Australia Trip 2011

Memories about my Australia Trips in 2004 – 2008

Sydney and its beautiful surrounds | The Australian Animals on Kangaroo Island

What I like of the Australian Outback | The GOR and the Coorong National Park


Check out my Australia Trip Planning Tips

This is how I am getting ready for my Australia Trips. How I plan, organize and prepare my solo travels around Australia.

my trip planning tips for travelling Australia

how I am preparing for a long trip on the road

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This post is also available in Italian and German