The Rocky Travel Journal

The Travel Journal about my Australian Adventures

On the Rocky Travel Journal you will get updates about my trips in Australia, about where I am right nowand what I am goingRocky Travel Journal - Meet Michela to do and see next.

The Rocky Travel Journal is a live report about each trip and it is divided into sections and regions.

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The Rocky Travel Journal – the upcoming trips

Australia Trip 2014

2014 my bizarre travel plans continue and are hopefully taking me beyond the usual 2,5 months trip. A life-changing decision is taken. If you have not read it, to the Blog Page and read about the plans for my Love Affair with Australia

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The Travel Journal about 10 years of Australia Trips

Australia Trip 2013

This is what I have done in my last Solo Trip in Australia for 2,5 months. Read about my Australia Trip 2013 here.

Australia Trip 2011

Memories about my previous Australia Trips

Sydney and its beautiful surrounds | The Australian Animals on Kangaroo Island

What I like of the Australian Outback | The GOR and the Coorong National Park


Check out my Australia Trip Planning Tips

This is how I am getting ready for my Australia Trips. How I plan, organize and prepare my solo travels around Australia.

my trip planning tips for travelling Australia

how I am preparing for a long trip on the road

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