The Australian Outback

Take a virtual tour in the Australian Outback

kangooroo_3If you ask Australians where the Australian Outback they are likely to point at Australian inland' heart. Some people call it simply the Bush to refer to wilderness areas of Australia outside the city but the most common term is just the Outback.

But again one term or the other the Australian Outback represents the remoteness, the emptiness, the immense sun-scorched areas and the huge distances of the country's inland. Although the Australian Outback is mostly associated with desert areas also vast areas of rainforest of Australia far north can be regarded as outback regions too.  And the north western coastal areas ar also outback areas.

The Australian Outback areas covers totally roughly 6,5 Million of square km and is populated by less than 60.000 inhabitans. Very few indigenous people live nowadays permanently in the outback, most of them spend some time with their tribe to then go back to the urbanized areas.

For many tourists the Outback represents absolutely the major attraction in Australia, the most fascinating thing to see and do: red sand, rock formations, endless horizons, watching wildlife, cooking and sleeping at a campfire under a sky covered by millions of stars, listening to aboriginal dreamtime stories and learning about the indigenous traditions and culture.

If you want to get a taste  of what the australian outback looks like, watch this video to see the most iconic Australian Outback landmark: The ULURU.

If you love nature, camping and bushwalking and are looking for a truly unforgettable experience of the “Real Australia“, then  you shall focus your trip on the Australian Outback.

In most Australian States you can find some outback regions, but you will not be able to see all of them in one go, therefore you'd better identify one area to suit your itinerary and holiday time frame then explore it and enjoy it.

In Australia' Northern Territory are located the major Australian Outback attractions like Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs with the East and West Mac Donnell Ranges, the Kakadu National Park, the Litchfield National Park, Katherine Gorge and more attractions.

If you want to take a virtual Tour into the Australian Outback, check out my guides here below.

Australia Outback Travel Guides

Central Australia Outback Destinations

Eastern Australia Outback Destinations

Western Australia Outback Destinations

Norhern Australia Outback Destinations

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