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Among the countries I have been to, Australia in my opinion the most friendly for women travelling alone and for backpacking too. This is the reason why I love Australia and spend a long time there, I always feel good and can never get enough of it.

Land down under is a great destination for those you love backpacking and especially for women who want to make their first solo travel experience.

I really love travelling alone in Australia. My first trip took place in 2004, since then I have been travelling for over 10 years around Australia on my own.

That's why I have created Rocky Travel, a comprehensive guide about Solo Travel Australia not only to share my experience but also to be a mentor and help you prepare your Australia Adventure.

If you are planning your Australia Trip soon and are unsure how-to do it and where-to-go my eBook Your Australia Itinerary  will help you immensly. This blog post explains the basics planning for solo travel to Australia.

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There are always friends and people who ask me Why I travel alone If you choose to travel solo Australia you may become addicted to it as you gain a closer approach with its natural environment. At the same time you have the opportunitity to get to know the locals, their traditions, their culture, their lifestyle and make new friends.

Travelling alone opens up my heart, it nourishes my mind and my soul.  Some people may think it is boring and not gratifying.  On the contrary I think it is the best way to enrich your life by getting to know other people and places, with no barriers inbetween. You can also relate to other solo travellers from all over the world and learn from their experience and their tips.

I can highly encourage any woman who want to travel solo Australia not to think too much about it, just do it. You will be rewarded by the Australian magic. You don't need to worry about safety because Australia is truly a safe country for women travelling alone.

You can check out my Essential Guide for Women Travelling Alone in Australia  if you want to gain an insight on how to prepare yourself for your first Solo Australian Adventure.

Travelling solo around Australia is absolutely my favourite way of exploring new places, meeting interesting people, and getting to know different cultures. If you feel the same, want to share your experience and tell us about your solo trips, feel free to send in your comments and your tips.

If you have fears and worries about travelling alone, please send in your questions and I'll be happy to help.

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