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This is the general contact form for Rocky Travel. Since we are getting dozens of messages every days we need to set filters that will allow us to give an accurate and prompt reply to your feedback and/or questions. We therefore kindly ask you to take a look at the following paragraphs.

Travel Planning Advice and Travel Tips

If you are looking for travel tips and travel help please consult the Ask a question form first. Do not send your message from this contact form please. Instead click on the link and fill in your inquiry there!

Media, Marketing and Partnership Inquiry

If you are from a PR / Marketing Agency, are interested in working together with Rocky travel and want to contact us, please add to the title of your message: Marketing Inquiry for Collaboration Opportunity We also strongly advise you to first take a look at our Rocky Travel Advertise Page for more info on whether we are a good fit for you/your client, before submitting your inquiry.

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Please note that any general travel inquiry or any guest post submission  must have a specific and clear title about what the message is all about it. Please be as specific as possible in your message. We will not reply to generic travel inquiry or messages.

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