Stress free Travel Australia

25 Tips for Stress-free Travel to Australia

I am excited to launch a new series of posts with tips about stress-free travel to Australia. Each post will look at stress from a different angle. These tips are based upon my personal experience and work well for me when travelling Australia.

Today’s focus is on the first day of travel.

After packing for your Australian Adventure you are now ready to step to the next crucial step. Leaving home and touching base in Australia. This step streches over  24 hours, including getting from home to the airport, navigating your way within the airport, checking in, going through customs and security, to spending your time before boarding the plane and flying to Australia.

Stress Free Travel Australia
Speaking from experience, the first day of travel is the most difficult day of the whole trip, no matter how well you have prepared for your Australia Trip. On top of being in a “naturally anxious state of mind” often situations crop up unexpectedly that robe you of your energy and throw you out of balance. While I think it’s impossible to have a 100% stress free travel on the first day, there are many ways to reduce stress whent travelling to Australia and to enhance travel comfort.

I have learnt to plan double time of what I normally plan for any other flight. I make sure I leave relaxed and stay relaxed as much as I can and finally I get armed with a good dose of patience.

Airport – Arrive 3 hours before boarding

On my first trip to Australia I nearly missed my flight due to a series of unfortunate circumstances. From that experience I have learnt a lesson and that’s why since then I always fly with the same airline company for all flight segments. Secondly I plan my journey to the airport to get there at least 3 hours before boarding. These are my tips.

  • Choose the best way to get to airport, calculate the time and add on top 30-45 min for a stress free journey.
  • Check and have a train/bus/shuttle/taxi schedule confirmed the day before leaving. Book your ticket/journey.
  • Research alternative ways to travel so as to have it prepared “just in case” you need to change it in the last minute.
  • Inform family or friends of your planned journey to the airport or have them take you to the airport.
  • If you travel by car, check traffic, weather conditions, road works so as to pick a fast and safe drive.

Getting at the airport 3-4 hours in advance it’s not a waste of time. First you cannot afford to be late and miss your flight and secondly there are plenty of opportunities to make a good use of of this time. Feeling good and being relaxed is vital to enhance your flight enjoyment.

Airport Check in

Checking in – Be the first to drop off your baggage

Once you have reached the airport, make your way to the check in/drop off counters of your airline and go through security immediately after that. Not all airports have high standard of comfort. If you don’t know the airport, make a research in internet and take a virtual tour so that you have a picture of how much time it will take to go from A to B within the airport.

  • Calculate the time needed to navigate within the airport, to reach your terminal and your gate.
  • Check in online “ALWAYS” either from home or from your mobile. This saves you the queue at the counter.
  • Check again the baggage weight to be checked in and sizes of you hand bag at your airline counters.
  • Drop off checked bags, make sure they are locked and labelled with your tags.
  • Be the first, or in the first group, to drop off the luggage, so as to reduce to the minimum the waiting time.

Airport travel comfort

Airport Security Check – Be prepared

Once you have completed the first step of the airport procedure, the next step is going through security. It much depends on the country and airport procedure, not rarely I have waited in the queue for 30-45 minutes. These 8 tips will help you get better organized.

  • Have everything ready so that you don’t have to rummage in your bag when approaching the conveyor belt.
  • Hold boarding pass and passport in your pockets and switch off mobile phones and put them into your handbag.
  • Have the transparent zipped bag with up-to-10 bottles with max-100ml ready on top of your handbag.
  • Empty water bottles and make sure you have no more liquids apart from those in the transparent zipped bag.
  • Keep the computer on a separate bag as you will have to take it out and have it scanned.
  • Don’t wear any belt and check that there are no metal gadgets on your clothes as they might set off the alarm.
  • Be prepared to take off shoes, if asked, and have them checked.
  • Wear a jacket with a few pockets to help stuff things when recollecting your things.


Relax and walk till you drop

The faster you go through check in and security the better and less stress you accumulate. Now it’s time to sit back and relax before boarding the plane. Feeling good and relaxed is crucial for any long flight. These are a few things I always do  to keep myself active and relaxed.

  • Walk, walk, walk as much as you can. This is a first exercise for your legs to prevent swalling and vein blood clots.
  • Don’t sit if you can. Or sit just for 10 min max at a time. You will sit for at least 12-17 hours on the plane.
  • Pack your handbags onto a trolley, take a stroll through the shopping malls.
  • Find a relax area, if you love a bit more of exercise, where you can have your fave work out.
  • Pamper yourself with a drink or your fave meal. Buy yourself fine chocolate or a little gift.
  • Hide away from the airport buzz and go to the lounge if your ticket/frequent flyer card entitles you to enter. Ask airline counter if you can get a free upgrade.
  • Find a standing free-wifi station where you can use internet, check your mails, chat, phone and use social media before leaving :-)
  • Drink plenty of water. Buy 1-2 plastic bottles to take with you and have them refilled on the plane.

These are the first 25 tips that will help reduce stress at the airport. Next time I will reveal how I get preared for the long flight to Australia, how and what and how I pack my handbag, what I do to maintain healthy eating habits when travelling Australia.

What is your best tip to reduce stress at airports? Add your best tip for stress-free travel by leaving a comment here below.

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  1. The Guy says:

    Great tips Michela. I’ve been flying very frequently since May 2000 so can relate to a lot of these. Definitely get to the airport early as you recommend. It only takes one hold up on a journey to the airport and you can always be chasing your tail, so to speak. The more time you plan for travel the more prepared you are to overcome any unplanned delays.

  2. Sherri says:

    Thank you SO much for these tips. I’m relocating to Australia from the US in a month and I’m stressed trying to plan every little thing, knowing I’m going to forget or not think about a billion things. I hope I get to read your next post and what to expect once you arrive at the airport in AU. Keep up the amazing blog. Hugs!!

    • Hi Sherri, I am glad you liked the post! There is one more post on how to pack your hand luggage and be prepared to be self-sufficient on the plane and for the first 1-2 days of your trip… more posts coming soon …

  3. Sofia Rhodes says:

    I never enjoyed ever while reading your post..!!! I also got to know new places which I’ll definitely visit and will share my experience as well.

  4. Maria Waley says:

    Thanks for the Great tips!! I am planning a summer road trip and am always looking for ways to make it easier. I will definitely be using some of these ideas!

  5. shanesmith says:

    Thanks for sharing this kind of post, Yes absolutely australia is a great country and got some cool places to visit. My friend visited there in Brisbane and he told me about wonderful places. He stayed at kirkland house the best and cheap hotel in Brisbane. Thanks Again!!!!!!!!

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