Some iconic Australian Food

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Australian food you should try when in Australia

Iconic Australian Food

Eating the local food is in my opionion a great way of discovering the tradition and the culture of a place as well as getting to know the relation people have developed to food over the centuries.

Australian food more than any other countries shows the influence of multicultural cuisines. From the Anglo-British brought to the country by the earliest settlers of the British Isles in the 18th century to the Mediterranean and Asian influence in 19th and 20th century introduced by the waves of immigrants who arrived in Australia after the II WW from all over the world.

In Australia you will find any kind of ethnical restaurants in the major Australian cities and towns, as well as “Modern Australian” restaurants which show the fusion and interpretation of these exotic cuisines.  Let's now have a look at the most representative iconic Australian food.

Iconic Australian Food  – the real Aussie Barbecue

eryone knows about it or at least has heard of it ! You will definitely have more occasions to try a real australian Barbecue , wherever you are in the cities, in the countryside or in the outback. Almost all green common picnic areas are equipped with Barbecue grills and in the cities you find also stalls, called “sausage sizzles”, selling all kind of take away roasted meat . If you join a tour in Australia you will be going to have a real good aussie barbecue ! As for the meat, I find Australian meat good and tasty, from beef steak to sausages fried on onions to kangaroo steak, you have a huge choice. I have tried Kangaroo meat and liked it, the meat is tasty and lean. Kangaroo meat is available at supermarkets and it is served in pubs and restaurants, although it's not common among the locals . A few more australian animals you can “have on your plate” are emus and crocodiles.

Iconic Australian Food – uniquely tasty Seafood

if you love seafood then Australia will spoil you everywhere from the south to the very Top End. In Northern Tropical Australia you must try the famous Barramundi. This fish is the most important australian brand and a truly iconic table fish across the whole country. You can get it everywhere, however the most common regions are Queensland and the Northern Territory, where the saltwater barramundi can be caught in the rivers around Darwin. The saltwater Barramundi is said to have a better taste than the barramundi that lives in freshwater enviroment, which has a slightly muddy taste. In Northern Territory there are several barramundi fishing competitions attracting people from all over the country ! If you are visiting the Top End you can go on a day fishing tour, and you might be lucky and catch a huge one 🙂 Great fun is guaranteed

Australian Aboriginal Food – Bush Tuckers

the term Australian aborigenes refer to any native plants and animals used as Qandong food as well as medicinal purposes. Next to the kangaroos, emus and crocodiles you find goannas, and the witchetty grubs as the most popular native food. Among the native plant foods you find the quandong , popular in the desert, bush tomatos, australia desert raisin, finger lime, noni just to name a few. There are literally hundreds of them, each region has its own native local plants and native aboriginal food.

I love them and have tried some of them. If you are joining an aboriginal tour you will have the opportunity to taste them and learn the use of these plants. Some aboriginal tours also offer a meal, after showing you the bushplants and telling you about the beneficial properties of each single seed and plant. You can also taste the damper, a typical bushbread cooked over hot coals in the australian outback.

I have great memories of testing great aboriginal food in the Coorong National Park in the south coast of Australia. In almost all Australian National Parks there are guided aboriginal tours available, you can get a list of the tours at the local tourist office. Another great opportunity to experience aboriginal bush tucker and learn about the Australian native plants is also the Desert Park in Alice Springs . A visit to this park is really worthwhile.

More local Australian Food

There are a few more that deserve a mention: the australian tropical fruits and vegetables : to be found in Queensland's Tropical North and in the Northern Territory. If you like me love fruits and vegetables this is a true paradise ! The Australian icecream is also delicious: try the macademia nuts flavor …the best I ever had was in Port Campbell, on the Great Ocean Road !

And what about the Australian Beer, (love it ) each australian state has its own brands! And last but not least the Australian Wine ! that's something you must not miss out on. The best places to go for a wine testing is the Barossa Valley, north of Adelaide or the Margaret River Region in South Western Australia. More regins are the Hunter Valley in New South Wales or the Yarra Valley in Victoria.

And to conclude the list a few more iconic australian food that I have not tried myself, but are among the national food in Australia. These are, the Australian Vegemite , a salty yeast extract spread used on toasts or bread, similar to marmite, it's common for a typical australian breakfast, the Australian meat pie, the Anzac Biscuits and the Australian Pavlova, a typical australian cake.

What Australian Food have you tried ?  Share your story with us, add your comment here below.

Happy travels in Australia and enjoy the Australian Food!



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  1. Ayngelina says:

    Interesting, I think Australia shares a similar issue as we do in Canada in not having a really distinct food culture but rather a blend due to our histories. Canada has a few dishes because of its French heritage that are somewhat distinct, but not many.

  2. Very cool! We’re in Australia at the moment until mid October and will definitely check some of these out.

  3. Australia is definitely a mix of cultures and it shows in the food around the country. I’m American, so I can appreciate the fact that you can get really great Asian food here… but I miss quality Mexican!

  4. Anderson says:

    Australians also eat a lot of sausages, and also popular is that sweet chili cause. Vegemite is…terrible. I’m not a fan of peas, so the meat pie was lost on me. However, be sure to try pavlova!

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