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Your Australia Trip Plan: All things you need to know

Travelling for the first time to Australia can be an overwhelming experience. Not only because you are going to the other side of the world, but because creating a cost-effective Australia Trip Plan requires time and effort that can be out of your control.

Australia is (in) famous for being an expensive destination, but while this is true, there is often a lot of exaggeration about it. Getting around Australia can become the biggest expense if you are not timely budgeting for it and exactly know what has an impact on the overall travel expenses.

But once you know about what things not to do in Australia then you will soon realise that travelling on a budget in Australia is possible and without having to break the bank!

Here below I tell you how.

Australia Trip Plan from Rocky Travel Guide

A guide on how to create your Australia Trip Plan

Key factors for your Australia Trip Plan

The most important thing to make budget travel in Australia possible is good planning, period. Some things work in a different way in the land down under and without a thought-out trip plan you are bound to overspend and exceed your budget very quickly. These are the main reason why you need good planning:

1. You can’t afford to make changes to your trip plan last-minute

Making changes to your trip plan will increase the cost of your trip by 100% and even more. In Australia, distances are huge; it takes a long time to move from A to B. Cheap flights and internal transportation must be booked well in advance, that will save you at least 30-50% on normal rates.

2. Don't waste time doing extra research when in Australia

You’re there to discover places and experience a new country, not to plan and revise your itinerary all the time. The vast majority of your planning must be completed before leaving for Australia.

3. You need a clear trip plan focus

Like any good blueprint, your trip needs a focus, a goal, a purpose. With a clear focus, it’s easier to identify areas and destinations to include in your itinerary and it makes planning accurate.

4. Narrowing down your itinerary plan is key

Make a list of the places you want to see, along with the time frame you have set, and then go through and whittle it down to a maximum of four to five destinations on a 20-30 day trip.

Learn the basics of the Australia Trip Planning

How much time do I need to see a place in Australia? This is the biggest challenge first-time travellers to Australia face. What looks like a short distance often turns out to be a several-day trip. Australia is a great country for road trips, but it’s crucial that you know what you’re getting into 

Timing is crucial in Australia

Whether your trip is two weeks or three months, timing is key. This is the most important element in crafting your ideal itinerary in Australia. You need to know the minimum time you’re going to allocate to each place. On one hand, you don’t want to miss out on important things, but on the other hand, you don’t want to stay too long in one place as you want to make the most of your time.

So, how do you find out how much time you need for each destination? 

First-hand experience is the answer. And that’s where I come in with my help. In 10 years of travel, I’ve tested several options, made mistakes, learned how things work and know to maximise my time when on the road.

How this travel book will help you with your Australia Trip Plan.

How to Travel Around Australia

Choosing destinations and the best-suited ways of getting around

Choose your self-drive destinations based on 
your level of driving experience. Keep in
 mind that four-wheel drive can be
 challenging, especially if you have no experience. Anyone, however, can do an Outback road trip on sealed roads with no problems – even if you’re travelling alone, you can enjoy solo driving in Australia.

If you want to reach remote destinations, flying is your best option. Once there, you can hire a car or join a tour for your explorations.

How should I travel around Australia?

Choosing your destinations is the hardest part of any trip itinerary. To make it a little bit easier, think back to the questions you asked yourself at the beginning. What is the focus of your trip? What are you trying to get out of it? With that in mind, make a list of 10 or more destinations you’d like to visit. Then pull out a map and think about your timeframe and transportation options.

These questions might help:

1. What distances can you drive to on your own?

2. What alternative ways of transportation can you consider?

3. How much time do you need to visit a place or an area?

Once you’ve done that, it should be easier to cross some destinations off your list and make a realistic itinerary. If you have three or four weeks for your trip, reduce the list to four or five destinations. Once you have the rough itinerary set, you’re halfway there. The next important step is to make a travel plan that allows you to see Australia within your budget and time frame.

Learn about the Australian Travel Distances

It’s difficult to determine travel distances from the map. Travel distances in Australia are huge and often underestimated by first time travellers. By looking at this map, you’ll soon realize how difficult it is to visit all of Australia in just a few weeks. That’s why it’s important to first get a feel for the vastness of the country, then choose a region that most suits your travel style and allows enough time to visit your chosen destinations at a slow pace.

Australia Travel Distances

Australia Travel distances do have an impact on your trip plan

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A few examples of travel distances in Australia

The distance from Perth to Adelaide is over 2,500km. The best way to get there is to fly. With the GHAN train, it takes two days/two nights. If you plan to drive, you need at least 8-12 days. This means that driving is doable on long-term trips only. From Darwin to Cairns, the fastest way is to fly. The same goes for Sydney to Cairns. If you’re on a long trip, driving can be fun; the best way is to hire a camper van and plan for three weeks on the road. With nearly 3,000km from Adelaide to Darwin, you need between 12-16 days on a road trip or a four-hour flight.

How to create a balanced Australia Trip Plan

As a first time traveller to Australia, you want to see as much as you can. You can’t afford to make mistakes, choose the wrong activities, or miss out on things you would’ve loved to see.

The hardest part about creating a good itinerary in Australia is balancing your time frame with the places you want to see and the distances you have to travel.

Your Australia Itinerary – what's the travel guide about

That’s why I have created a travel book that not only guides your through all the above steps, it also shows how much time you need for each place, what you can and can’t do, how to maximize your time and make cost-effective choices with destinations, transportation and pick the right itinerary.

The first part focuses on the how-to, thus saving you hours of wading through the abundance of information on the internet. It gives you the in-depth knowledge you need to quickly identify the right itinerary for you. The second part outlines 4 step-by-step itineraries around Australia.

I know it’s not easy to select your destinations, since you’re afraid you might miss out on something great or fun. On my first trip to Australia back in 2004, there were no good resources online. My only tools were a Lonely Planet and a German guidebook; they helped me research and study all my options over a period of six months.

Now you won’t need six months, or even six weeks to create your itinerary. With this book in hand, you’ll need one hour to read it, plus a week to make your choices and put together a detailed itinerary.

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Your Australia Trip Plan

How to create the perfect Australia Trip Plan

How will Your Australia Itinerary Book help you

In this book, I’ve created four itineraries to suit the needs of the first time (solo) traveller to Australia. Each one is based on my personal experience and knowledge about what is important to discover on a first time trip to Australia. They’re especially targeted at women travelling alone who want to discover the country in all its splendor, seeing iconic landmarks as well as immersing themselves into the local culture.

Each itinerary comes complete with clear charts and detailed information so you’ll know whether it fits with your time frame, travel style, and budget. And of course, each one can be fully customized and altered to your own needs and desires.

A well thought out itinerary allows you to see Australia without having to make changes last-minute. This means you’ll maximize your time and potentially save up hundreds if not thousands of Australian dollars on your budget.

I wrote this book from my “solo female traveller” point of view; however, everything contained in the book can be adjusted whether you’re travelling alone or with a companion. I am confident that this book will help you immensely with your trip plan.

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Australia Trip Plan Guide

Your Complete Australia Trip Plan Guide

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About the Author: Michela is a passionate traveller and outdoor enthusiast, who has been travelling solo around Australia for +13 years, sharing her adventures to help fellow travellers. She is the founder and publisher of Rocky Travel, the smart travel planning guide for the solo traveller. .


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  5. Awesome tips, Michela. I agree on not doing extra research. If possible, have everything planned and stick to it so you don’t need to waste some time doing research on where to dine, etc. I bet your book would be very helpful for those planning to travel around Australia.

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    What a great article and tips for Visiting Australia. Extra research is always the best way to plan trips. I like to know everything about any country I visit including history. This is helpful especially if you are visiting a country with different culture, knowing the history can explain that culture, and avoid any cultural faux pas.

    Australia is a beautiful country (my home) and we love showing the new visitors what we have to offer. From amazing beaches, to the vast inland deserts. As the well know poem says “I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains”

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