Arriving in Australia

How to prepare for arriving in Australia

The last part of the stress-free travel to Australia series takes place at the destination airport in Australia where you will go through customs, collect your checked baggage and get to your accommodation.

Let's see how to go through the next steps without stress.

Arrving in Australia
Before arriving in Australia the attendant crew on the plane will hand over the Australian Immigration Card and make you familiar with the Australian Immigration and Quarantine policy.

Immigration Card to enter Australia

You need to fill in the Immigration Card with personal details and information about the nature of your Trip. Once you have filled in the card, place it into your passport, so that when you go through security you will have all relevant docs with you. You will need to show your Pass and the Australia Tourist Visa (print out of ETA or e-visitor visa).  The pass will be stamped with the entry date, from the arrival date you are allowed to stay 3 months if you are on a tourist visa. Keep the Australia Visa print out into your pass and secure a digital copy on a memory card or into your mailbox.


Declare the content of your luggage

Due to the strict Quarantine regulations in Australia you will NOT be allowed to take any FOOD into Australia.  If you have packed food into your hand luggage and have any leftover, place it  into the disposal bins before arriving at the customs counter. If you are unsure about what food is not allowed, just inform the officers at the counter. Last time I had some chocolate and they allowed it. All fresh food like fruits and vegetables, seeds, meats, and dairy products will not be allowed into the country and if you have any it will be confiscated. Also wooden souvenirs may be taken. So, the best thing to do is to tell the officers when they ask you what you have in your handbag. After you have collected your checked in luggage it will go through a scanner so that the content of your luggage will be identified.


How to get from the Airport to your accommodation

When Arriving in Australia from overseas the fastest way is to use shuttle buses to the city, they ride every 1/2 hour. An alternative is getting a taxi, but they are expensive, and unless you share it, it may cost you around 100AUD to get to your accommodation. Many flights from Europe usually arrive in Australia late in the evening or in the night. Make sure you have done your research before arriving at your destination and know how to get from the airport into the city.

In Sydney train is the fastest and cheapest way to get into town. For all remaining cities shuttle buses are available for 18-20 AUD and they are cheaper if you buy a return ticket. However they only accept cash. If you don't have any cash you can withdraw Australian Dollars from any ATM or cash dispensers at the airport.

You need to have a credit card or a debit card to withdraw money. Make sure you have the phone number and the address of your accommodation so that you can inform the driver and know which is your stop. If you are using a mobile phone you can purchase a local Australian SIM at the airport in the arrival lounge there are shop of major providers like Telstra, Optus one, Vodafone and more.

Adjust to the Australian Time Zone

While arriving in Australia early in the morning means going out in the outdoors and adjusting to the daylight faster than arriving at night, it can be pretty tiring to stay up 8-10 hours without falling asleep. Arriving in Australia late in the evening has the advantage that you can go to bed straight after your arrival.

I have tried out all of this and I prefer arriving in Australia in the evening. It works well for me as I usually don't get much sleep on the plane and need to rest up after the long flight. On this page your can keep reading about how to recover from jet lag and start enjoying your Australia Trip.

What about you? When do you prefer arriving in Australia? Did you face any problems at the aiport? Add your tip here below!

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About the Author: Michela is a passionate traveller and outdoor enthusiast, who has been travelling solo around Australia for +13 years, sharing her adventures to help fellow travellers. She is the founder and publisher of Rocky Travel, the smart travel planning guide for the solo traveller. .


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  1. Rosemarie says:

    Great tips Michela! Especially about the quarantine facts. They can be pretty strict. As long as travellers declare, everything should be fine.

  2. Subrata says:

    Good post!! I like the information. Traveler should know the things.

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