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5 travel hacks for the Australia Itinerary

How to create an Australia Itinerary that works

Are you thrilled about your Australia Trip but don't know how to fit the long-wish-list into a 2 weeks itinerary? Don't let a feeling of frustration loom over you! Australia is a big country that requires good planning to make an itinerary that works.

Balancing time frame with destinations and distances is the perpetual issue all travellers to Australia face especially on their first visit. These travel hacks will bring you on the right track when crafting your Australia Itinerary.

Australia Itinerary

  • Set a realistic time frame with a clear focus. When you have set a time frame, know your focus and the period of the year for your Australia Trip, it will be easy to step forward. If you only have 2 weeks itinerary don't plan more than 2-3 destinations. Make a list with the things you want to do along with the time you want to spend on those activities. Then take the major groups out of the list and start building your itinerary around these groups.
  • Make a list of places that match with your focus and your time frame. Divide Australia into two parts, so as to have the eastern and the western region. Stick to one main region and pick your destination within that area. This helps you if you have 2-3 weeks time. If you have more than 5-6 weeks for your Australia Trip you can consider travelling across both regions. Ideally for a first time vist to Australia you should plan 4 weeks. Within a time frame of 4 weeks plan 5-6 destinations and if you have more keep the rest of your bucket-list for the next trip.
  • Choose the most cost-effective way of getting around Australia. By choosing the most appropriate way of transport you maximize time. You cannot afford to waste time in Australia because distances are massive and moving from A to B is time-consuming. Flying is obviously the fastest way but not always the best choice. Sometimes a road trip or a train journey is the most appropriate way to travel a route as it is an experience of itself. I wouldn't plan more than 1 flight every 6 days and make 3-4 flights over an itinerary of 3-4 weeks. Driving in Australia is an experience not to miss out, so put 1-2 road trips on your itinerary.
  • Identify the right timing for each place. This is probably the most difficult part when creating the itinerary and it is crucial for maximizing time and the overall experience. You need to find out what's the exact timing for visiting each place and work out your itinerary around this timing. If you don't have enough time for a place then choose an alternative destination in the same area that can fit well into your travel plan. As an example for Kakadu N.P. the minimum time for a visit to do justice to this huge park is 3 days. For the Uluru Trip the right time is 2 nights/3 days.
  • Make 80% of all your travel arrangments from home and leave 20% of your time to spontaneaous activities. By doing so you will be arranging all frame activities of your Australia itinerary by leaving the day-to-day things open to be arranged when you are there. This is very important as you cannot waste your time in Australia deciding where to go and what to do. Making substantial changes to the original itinerary would mean increasing your travel budget up to 100%.

We have published Your Australia Itinerary Guide to help solo travellers and independent travellers quickly craft their travel plan around Australia.

The book is full of useful travel hacks that will help you create your itinerary in less than seven days, balance your time frame with the places you want to see and the distances you have to travel, get a clear picture of what you want and can to do and how you want and can to do it. In addition it has 4 ready made itineraries with 36 customization options.

Read more about why I have launched this book and who it is good for here.

Australia Itinerary Travel Book

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