The best Australian Beaches

A Guide to the best Australian Beaches

Australia's coastline stretches for over 30thousand km and counts thousand of beaches, at least 10,000, more than Clarks Beachin any other country of the world. Australia is one of the best places for unspoilt, natural beaches which stretch for miles into endless horizonts and beautiful sunsets. I am happy to introduce you to the best Australian Beaches I have visited myself in 10 years of travelling in Australia.

The australian beaches are also the most diverse you can think of, from temperate to tropical and the type of beach from surfing sites of the eastern and western coast to community beaches outsides the cities of Sydney, Perth to rainforest beaches with mangroves and estuaries in the North-Eastern coast to rocky and sandy shores in the southern areas. And many many little islands.

In Australia you can find any type of beach: to swim, to surf or body board, to sunbath, to fish or just to stroll along, to party, to bbq, anywhere you will Tallow Beach stunning viewfind beauty and tranquillity, the adventure, the entertainment and fun to make of your stay a very unforgettable experience and make you dream of the Australian beaches till your next visit.

Australian Beaches are somehow impressive because of their natural beauty and their environmental characteristics that make them unique to this country, by travelling across Australia you will never have the feeling you have been there already. Each australian beach has its own distinctive features, you can see it from the pictures in the next pages.

I have selected some of the best australian beaches photos, where I have been to and have created some australian beaches mini guides for you to browse through.

Australian beaches photos

Click on the links below to view some of my best australian beaches pictures, they are divided into Australian state along with some facts about the beaches.

Surfers in Byron Bay
Queensland Beaches

Western Australia Beaches

New South Wales Beaches

Tasmania Beaches

Victoria Beaches

Australian Beach Safety

The Australian beaches represent a big attraction for Australians as well as international travellers. However they also conceal many hazards and dangers all travellers should be aware of.

In this section you can learn more about Australian beach safety.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I see you have Coral Bay listed under one of the best beaches in WA. I love that place. Great blog; keep it up.

  2. Serene says:

    Great and informative post about Australian beaches and some awesome photos and also you mention about the Australian Beach Safety guides. A great tip for new travelers who want more travel information about Australia.

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