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Michela RockyTravel

Michela is your Australia Travel Planner

In 12 years of solo travels, I've crisscrossed Australia from bottom to top and west to east. I've travelled via car, train, plane, and group tour and totalled nearly 100 thousand km. I know how important it is to be well prepared and have everything in place before travelling.

A well thought out itinerary allows you to see Australia without having to make changes in the last-minute. This means you'll maximize your time and potentially save up to 1500 Australian dollars on your budget. Not to mention it gives you the peace of mind you need to immerse yourself in the Australian lifestyle.

As a first time solo traveller to Australia, you want to see as much as you can. You can't afford to make mistakes, choose the wrong activities, or miss out on things you would've loved to see.

I am here to help you choose and do the right things in your Australia Trip!

How my Australia travel planning services work

My travel planning services involve a high level of interaction. I use interview and live chat to uncover many little details that often are overlooked via email. Thus I can guarantee you an accurate Australia trip planning and great results.

I offer 3 different modules, according to the type of help you need and they can be fully customized.

Here below are the details.

Getting started with the Australia Trip Planning

Get my travel planning help for your Trip in Ausralia

Module 1 – One Hour Live Chat + Intensive Consultation

This can be focussed on solving any Australia Trip planning issues where you need my help and advice on choosing destinations, transportation, accommodation, packing as well as clear up doubts, fears about an existing itinerary. The one-hour-trip-planning-consultation is available via Skype or if you prefer with an interview and Q/A session via email.

What you get with this service:

  • 60 minutes of live Chat and discussion and intensive travel planning support
  • Itinerary set up and fine tuning, via email.
  • Itinerary Outline and Details, via email.
  • up to 3 follow-up before your trip, via email.

Rate 99,00 Euro or 99,00 USD (Upfront Payment via paypal or bank transfer).

Module 2 – Complete Itinerary Set Up

The Itinerary Set Up includes first an interview by email, followed by one Skype session of of 60 minutes or equivalent time via email with a Q/A session. The live session is important for me to get a clear picture of your wishes/needs, and to discuss with you all suitable itinerary ideas and combination. This module does not include active research and planning from my side though. This itinerary module is offered for up to 5 destinations within Australia and for maximum 4 adults travelling together.

What you get with this Service:

  • Itinerary Outline, with detailed itinerary trip legs, checklists, budget.
  • A personalized travel plan, with complete links and instructions.
  • A personalized Rocky Travel Guide, with Things to do and See to match your itinerary.
  • A personalized Rocky Travel Practical Australia Guide, covering all trip preparation, including packing tips and more.
  • up to 5 follow-up via email.

Rate 245 Euro or 245 USD (Upfront Payment via paypal or bank transfer). If you plan more than 5 destinations, please fill in the inquiry form at the bottom of this page to get a personalized offer.

Module 3 – Itinerary Set up + Trip Planning Services

With this module, you get all of the module 2 plus the trip planning. Which means I make the research online for you. This includes flight search and accommodation. I also suggest the most cost-effective ways of getting around, I identify the right type of accommodation, check availability, evaluate activities and tours and much more. This itinerary module is offered for various destinations within Australia and for maximum 4 adults travelling together. For this service please send in your specific inquiry and we will quote for you.

What you get with this Service:

  • Itinerary Outline, with itinerary trip legs, and checklists.
  • A personalized travel plan, with complete links and instructions.
  • A personalized Rocky Travel Guide, with Things to do and See to match your itinerary.
  • Personalized Online Search and Planning.
  • A personalized Rocky Travel Practical Australia Guide, covering all trip preparation, including packing tips and more.
  • unlimited follow-up via email.
  • Assistance via email when in Australia.

What you don't get with my services

I don't do any bookings. I am not a travel agent. If you are looking for someone who does the bookings for you, I am not the right person. My help is addressed to travellers who love to travel independently and would like to profit from my knowledge and valuable experience as a solo traveller in Australia. My services aim to make you save lots of money and hours of your time while planning and organizing your trip. Additionally with my help you learn how to become a better independent traveller.

What people say about our Australia Trip Planning Help

Ed & Marilyn, Houston – Texas

My wife and I just returned from our 6 week holiday in Australia.  I was a great trip to a beautiful country.  We were able to visit Cairns, Brisbane, Noosa, Sydney, Adelaide, and Alice Springs / Uluru during our trip. We started to put the trip together on our own, but quickly realized that was a daunting task given all the places we wanted to visit and the limited amount of time we had.  We were very fortunate to discover Rocky Travel who made planning our trip a breeze. Michela was wonderful to work with.  She followed-up with us many times during the planning process and always made us feel she was very interested in us getting the most from our holiday. She has been to all the places we wanted to visit so she was able to give us good information on the number of days we needed at each spot and tips for transportation and hotels in the area.  We could not have done this trip without Michela's help. We highly recommend Rocky Travel if you are planning a trip Down Under!

Silvia, Milano, Italy

Thanks to Michela's help we could organize a tailor-made trip to Australia, by saving money and reducing to the minimum any waste of time. Michela is a real traveller who knows very well the needs-and-wants of people who travel. From her we have learnt a lot, we have treasured her tips and advice so that we could replicate them in other trips. She is professional and a warm and pleasant person. Our experience is more than positive. We can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a unique trip in Australia.

Ronald, Melbourne – Florida

Our trip is over and it was fantastic. I can't thank you enough for the work you did for us. You really called everything right, especially the timing. Your estimates of how much time it would take to see what we wanted to see and to travel how we wanted to travel (air and rental car) were right on. We had a tight schedule even at six weeks. It would have been impossible without your advice. We got the see the real Australia when we drove the South Coast Region, we saw no tourists; just locals. We visited local pubs, shops, and restaurants and had a great, leisurely time. As a result, I have referred you to two more of my friends/associates.

For more clients's testimonials check out this page here.

Check out the FAQs to the Australia Trip Planning Services

How to request my Trip Planning Services

To request my services please make sure if you have read the FAQs, so that any doubt is cleared before submitting your request. If you don't have any more questions, go ahead and fill in the form below.

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