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Michela RockyTravelThe Australia Trip Planning requires time and effort, even if you are doing it on your own. On Rocky Travel you can find everything you need to get started. From the free trip planning resources page to the Online Trip Planner Page and many more pages that show you the “how to” create a travel plan that works.

But  when it comes to gathering the right travel itinerary ideas it is time consuming. For some people it can be overwhelming. In fact not everyone has got the time and the patience to get round to doing some solid research and spending evenings and weekends surfing on the web.

Not only searching, comparing and evaluating the best deals requires lots of time, choosing the right things will require also a good dosis of confidence. First you will need to understand how things work in Australia. A good knowledge of the country is crucial to travel around Australia with a plan that works, i.e. matches your interests, your personality, your  needs and expections and at the same time leaves you with peace of mind.

So why leave everything to chance and take the risk of doing the wrong things at the wrong time? What  if you could get help to set up the Itinerary and all the things involved with the Travel Itinerary Planner

How to get personalized travel planning service

I am an expert traveller and a Australia specialist, so I can teach you how to travel and enjoy Australia like a local. If I think about my first trip in Australia many years ago, I can remember how much time I invested in putting together a 10 weeks backpacking trip around Australia. I spent hours every evening after work reading books, watching videos, asking friends and people who had been there.  I know exactly how much effort and time I had to dedicate to make my Australia Itinerary work. From my passion and from the experience made on my travels I have put together Rocky Travel, a valuable online travel guide about Australia that provides you with all the tools for you to travel around Australia efficiently.

With my special personal support you will be able to dig deeper and find immediately the answers and have concrete proposals. This allows you to have the Australia Itinerary set up in a few hours instead of spending evenings and weekends doing the work by yourself.

Here below you can learn how our Travel Planning Service work.

Getting started with the Australia Trip Planning

How can I help you with an Online Travel Planning Help ?

Step by Step how this is how you can get a fast and accurate Help with our Online Travel Planning Help

I can helpy your putting together your itinerary and solve any travel issues in a few hours. This can include the following

  • Choosing the destinations identifying the right travel destinations that better suit your interests, needs, budget and travel style.
  • Creating your own Itinerary suggesting, discussing, refining and putting together the travel itinerary to suit time frame and interests.
  • Getting around Australia suggesting, evaluating and choosing the most suitable type of transportation, accommodation according to each single destination, evaluating and recommending things to see and do in each place, including highlights, hidden gems, off the beaten path routes and activities.
  • Finding Travel Deals helping out with the online research and booking of the best flight deals to Australia, valuable accommodation, rental cars, internal flights, cheap travel deals, local tours and activities, events and more.
  • Planning and Preparing the Trip by giving my personal advice and assesment on how to quickly deal with travel formalities, choosing the right and most suitable travel insurance, how to get ready for Australia form packing light, to how to communicate, use internet, hire cars and campervan, shopping in Australia, and many more travel related issues.

Any questions you may have send in your inquiry about our personalized travel planning help by contacting us  HERE

Whom is our help meant for – Is this something for you?

Our Online Travel Planning Help is meant for independent and solo travellers who do not have time to invest and want to to quickly find answers to their questions and be able to assess all viable solutions and proposals so as to have their Australia Trip Planning set up quickly.  If you like and value the idea of delegating this homework to an expert traveller who can look after all these aspects then I am the right person for you. If you are looking for someone who can look after your Australia honeymoon I can help you with finding destinations and places to stay.

Why shall you ask for my help As you know, I am an expert solo traveller who writes about my travel adventures around Australia. On Rocky Travel Blog and Guide you can find over 350 pages filled with my stories. I love to help other  travellers make the most of their trip. By helping them maximize their time and their money in Australia. I am not a travel agent, so you will not receive any pre-packaged proposals or ready-made itineraries.

With our personalized help you get customized solutions. You will get the knowledge and insights that will result in crafting together the travel itinerary that perfectly matches your needs, desires, interests and travel style. Proposals, suggestions, tips, tricks that result in saving precious time and money and allow you to travel around Australia with peace of mind.

If you have any questions please send in your inquiry about our Australia Travel planning help by contacting me  HERE

Choose the module that best suits your trip and needs

We offer help in flexible modules and you are free to choose the one that most suits your needs. They range from an hour consultation, itinerary revision to complete travel planner help that may include following services.

3 Formulas for my Australia Travel Planning Help

You can contact us through the contatct form with your inquiry. Here below a recap of what we offer

  • 1 hour consultation which may be focussed on travel itinerary refining or any travel related problem where you need help or on specific travel planning issues and/or organizational aspect where you need help. The 1 hour consultation can be done via skype or on the phone, with 1 follow up via E-mail.
    Rate 90,00 USD or 60,00 Euro
  • Itinerary Set up and Planning which includes the complete Itinerary Set Up and all trip planning issues. It foresees 2 skype sessions of 1hour each. Our personal homework that includes 2 itinerary proposals, refining and developing 1 itinerary with full details of things to do and see. It covers the whole planning, by finding the best deals for flights to Australia, internal flights, rental cars, accommodations options, activities and tours. It offers unlimited follow up via email up to your departure to Australia.
    Rate 400,00USD or 300,00 Euro
  • Complete Travel Consultation which include 4 skype sessions of 60minutes each, detailed itinerary set up, refining, timing, detailed travel plan. Active searching, comparing, suggesting and assistance with booking transportation, accommodation, tours, activities.  It offer 2 personalized Rocky Travel Guides with things to do and see, all detailed of trip preparation such as, visa, travel insurance, communication, shopping, what to buy and not to buy in Australia, how to save money etc. Unlimited follow up via email before and during your Trip in Australia.
    Rate 700,00USD or 550,00 Euro

Note. The above rates are meant for 2 persons travelling together and may vary according to variation of standard formula, individual requirements, trip length number of partecipants. If you choose the hourly consultation this will be credited back to you if you later decide to purchase a consultation package.

Do you have questions about our Travel Planning Services ?

Fill in the Contact Form you find here below with your name, email address, the title Inquiry about Travel Planning Help.

Read what people say about our Australia Travel Planning Help

Here you can read some testimonials from people who took advantage of my valuable Australia Trip Planning Services and gave their feedback about the help received. You can click on the link above to read their testimonials and then return to this page.

Here below you can read a few testimonials sent in recently.

Luisa, Pavia, Italy

Michela really helped me organizing my journey with her competence, patience and a friendly smile (I was able to see it even through the distance). I decided to plan my solo trip only because she was there, supporting me with her experience and her might, from big stuff to
little things I didn’t know yet. Thank you again, Michela!

Lucia, Bari -  Italy

A few months ago, me, my husband and my 14years old son decided to treat us with a trip we had had been wanting to do for years. I usually like to organize and choose everything by myself….
But time was tight and we were very busy. Furthermore I was not prepared about the beautiful destinations we could visit. I asked Michela of RockyTravel, whom I met by chance surfing in internet and it was really what I was looking for: it was not a travel agency who organize the trip, but a very proactive person who knows Australia very well, she loves it and suggest the most fascinating places to visit, how to get there and how to save money.  She was very helfpful on many things, also on those which may seem trivial, but in the end saved us lots of energy to solve them. From the best phone cards and internet key to the travel insurance company, to how to quickly book hotels, flights and carhire, packing list.  I must say that the contact with Michela went beyond the normal professional relationship, since she was always available to answer our questions with the utmost care and friendly attention. I can recommend Michela everyone who wants to make this experience and visit a wonderful country which is Australia. It will stay in our hearts forever….hopefully who knows we can go back one day.
Cheers, Lucia.

Ronald, Melbourne – Florida

Our trip is over and it was fantastic. I can’t thank you enough for the work you did for us.  You really called everything right, especially the timing. Your estimates of how much time it would take to see what we wanted to see and to travel how we wanted to travel (air and rental car) were right on. We had a tight schedule even at six weeks. It would have been impossible without your advice.  We got the see the real Australia when we drove the South Coast Region, we saw no tourists; just locals.  We visited local pubs, shops, and restaurants and had a great, leisurely time. As a result, I have referred you to two more of my friends/associates.

Not sure about the type of help with the Australia Trip Planning ?

If you are not sure about which Service Formula is best for you or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact by filling in the contact form with your name, email address and your message.

Please also state Australia Trip Planning Services as Title.


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