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Travelling Australia can be very demanding because it is a huge continent and far away from the rest of the world. Therefore, it is important that you prepare your trip in advance.

Why Travel Australia  What are your reasons for travelling Australia?

If you visit Australia for the first time I would start with the trip planning at least 3-6 months in advance of departure. You can use this time and make your research in internet so as to gather all relevant information about Australia Travel, about the destinations you want to visit and the  itinerary you have planned.

  • When to travel to Australia – what time of the year and for how long you can travel in Australia? This is the most important factor for planning your trip.
  • What to see in Australia – what places you want to see and what's the reason for you to visit Australia? What do you want to focus on during your trip? What will be your travel itinerary and so on, these are first questions for you to answer.
  • How to get around Australia – you can explore it by car, by plane, by train and by bus. It is important to know about Australia's long distances and learn about the various options on how to get around, from one place to another in Australia.

Keep in mind these three points because Australia is a huge country and distances are often underestimated by most travellers who do not know the country. Choose the transportation according to your travel itinerary. If you are on a tight travel schedule, then you should stick to a region of Australia, and renting a car is probably the ideal solution, especially if you travelling in a small group. But if you want to cover significant distances, over 1000 km on one go, then it may be better to consider flying or train. Train Travel in Australia is a great choice too if you have flexible with your time frame.

Take a look at at this Map of Australia to get an insight of the vastness of the country. Before Travelling Australia read this article with Australia Maps, see the country into perspective and get a feel of the vastness.

The long travel distances in Australia can affect your trip enjoyment, in fact what often seem a short distance on the map, in reality it takes actually hours and hours by car, and the long driving only adds fatigue and stress to your travel.

There is no magic formula that works for everyone. Everyone is different and have different needs and expectations.

Upon my person travel experience in Australia, I can suggest combining possibly flights with self driving according to the itinerary you have chosen and also to your time frame. It is very important to carefully assess the different transportation options available, once you've made your choice you will be able to plan your itinerary in Australia more accurately.

To learn more about all transportation options available in Australia click on this link that takes to a specifi page with more information on Getting around Australia

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