Australia Travel Destinations

Australia’s beautiful spots are countless, you can literally spendAustralia Travel Destinations months travelling around Australia without seeing it all.

You definitely have to make a choice and pick a few destinations that fit well into your travel schedule. This list of attractions will help you identfy the travel destinations and create your australia travel plan.

Let’s take a close look at our list of Top Australia Travel Destinations here below.

Our Top 10 Australia Travel Destinations

  • Uluru Australia Outback

    Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThe Uluru is certainly number one among all Australia attractions and destinations. And Uluru is indeed one of the places which most impressed me. If you are travelling Australia for the first time you should not miss the magical Uluru atmosphere. Spend 3-4 days at the Ayers Rock area to taste the flair of the Real Australian Outback.
    If you want to make the most of the Red Centre hire a car and take your time to explore the destinations between Ayers Rock and Alice Springs, visit Kings Canyon, Palm Valley, the Western McDonnel Ranges and last but not least the capital of the Red Centre, Alice Springs. You will be driving through amazing outback areas with colorful desert landascape, impressive rock formations and a foremost amazing solitude.

    Click on the llink to go to the Australia Red Centre Travel Guide.

  • North Western Australia Broome & Cape Leveque

    Broome is located in the North Western Coast fo Australia. Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail Broome tend to be pretty busy during winter months, when lots of international tourists as well as Australians, fleeing from the cold south east of Australia, are visiting the warm north western australia. Temperatures are tropical, but do not be surprised the landmarks are not those of the typical tropical scenery, the landscape is pretty rugged, you are at the doorstep of the Kimberley region. Broome’s attractionsare many. Learn about the pearl farms and the ancient pearl crafts, enjoy beautiful beaches like the 7km long Cable Beach and more beautiful crow-free-beaches. The town centre has good shops with local arts and crafts. Broome is also the gateway to the Ouback areas, 250 km north you reach, Cape Leveque, with gorgeous beaches, where you can swim all year through and further in the inland the pristine Kimberley Outback.¬†

    Learn more about Broome and the nearby destinations click on Broome Travel Guide.

  • Northern Australia – Darwin and Kakadu National Park

    If I had to say what part of Australia I like most and would like to live in than I would choose Northern Australia as one of my favourite destinations. Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail Its lovely tropical weather and its natural setting makes of Northern Australia one of the major attractions in Australia. Darwin is a small town but at the same time offer everything what you can find in a big city. It’s gateway to all major Australia cities and as well as to Asian destinations. Moreover from Darwin you can start your trip to the Kakadu National Park, visit the Litchfield National Park and more places in its surrounding area. If you are planning to discover this part of Australia consider visiting during the dry season if you want to avoid the rain. Whereas the wet season can also be pleasant and it does has some advantages, visit it towards the end of the wet season in March-April. It is less crowded in town and therefore more enjoyable, waterfalls and gorges in the National Parks are filled with water, so you a chance to swim. So it’s up to you, whenever you choose to travel Northern Australia, it will always reward you with a memorable experience.

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  • North Tropical Queensland

    Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThe Australian Great Barrief Reef, is probably along with the impressive Uluru, the major attractions for visitors coming to Australia. Although it is the major attraction for Queensland, I think a visit to Queensland is not complete without seeing the Daintree Rainforest because it allows you to understand the whole of Australia’s natural world heritage . You can spend weeks there visiting the vast areas North Tropical Australia, and you would not get enough. Spend at least a week, in which you can combine a visit to the Outer Reef and enjoy terrific snorkeling and diving experience. The Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s top attractions, stretches for over 2000km along the east coast Australia. The best time to travel there is July-August.

    Click on the link to learn more about the North Tropical Australia

  • Sydney and Surrounds

    Sydney is considered to be among the most beautiful cities in the world and there are indeed some reasons for it. First because of its natural beautifulZemanta Related Posts Thumbnail and peculiar setting, the Sydney harbour is something unique and very impressive. Second the city ha its own distinguishing flair, where the metropolitan busy city atmosphere merge with relaxed popular districts. The variety of activities and entertainment offers for each taste something. Moreover the Sydney beaches makes it into the most popular Australia attractions. If your time frame is tight and do not feel like wearing yourself out by running from one place to ther around Australia, do not worry, you can by all means plan your vacation by visiting Sydney and its surrounding areas. There are so many things to see to fill a few weeks with. Want to to learn more about it? Check out our Sydney & surrounds Travel Guide.

  • The coastal drive from Sydney to Melbourne

    Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, altough is not as beauftiful as Sydney, but it has its own character and for some aspects it would rank higher than Sydney. The excellent food offer for instance is uncomparable, everywhere you will find a dining venue with good value food. Melbourne is also a very tourist friendly place, the tourist office in the city centre offers a variety of free guided walks, plus there is a free bus to visit all major places of interest, next to the circle line, a tram which takes you around the city centre in a loop. There are heaps of cultural events to profit from, check out at the tourist information office for details, some of them are offered for free too. From Melbourne you can take a day out to visit its surrounding destinations like St. Kilda, Brighton, Phillip Island, or the Wilson Promontory nd the most known itinerary along the Great Ocean Road. Click on the link to read our From Sydney to Melbourne Guide

  • The Great Ocean Road Trip

    12 Apostels PhotoThe Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous Australia attractions and another place to recommend putting on your itinerary. It’s one of the most spectacular scenic drives of Australia which stretches for over 250 km. Starting from Geelong, south of Melbourne you reach Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo’s Bay and more little villages and places. Next to the stuning view of the 12 apostels of which you can actually see 8 rock pillars, you will go through amazing places like surfer beaches, bushwalking trails, National Parks, Rain Forest . It is worth taking at least a couple of days to explore this area. It tends to be crowded, especially during the summer season, so if you are around in peak times, December-End of January or around Easter time and public holidays make sure you do your bookings a good time ahead, otherwise you will are likely to pay high rates for your accommodation.

    Click on this link to learn more about the Great Ocean Road Coastal Drive 

  • Tasmania – Cradle Mountain and Freycinet Natinal Parks

    Tasmania is the smallest of the 6 states named after Abel Tasman, the Dutch guy who sighted in 1642 .Often tourist tend to by-pass Tasmania, in fact Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnailto reach it you have either to take a ferry or fly over from a major city, but it is well worth the effort though. Tasmania has a beauty ot its own, pristine forests and secluded natural areas, historical towns, and the most famous landmark the Cradle Mountain with one of the most popular Australia’s and the world’s hiking trails. The track links the Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair and covers a world heritage area of 85km route. You should not miss Tasmania especially if you are planning to go Australia between November and March. In fact summer is the best time to explore Tasmania, as the weather is umpredictable and preatty cold from April-October. Ideally try to combine Tasmania whit South East Coast Australia.

    Click on the link to go to my Tasmania Travel Guide.

  • Margaret River in South West Australia

  • Margaret River is one of my favourite areas in Western Australia and in the entire continent. This area is very similar to the mediterranean SouthernZemanta Related Posts Thumbnail Europe with mild pleasent climate throughout the year. Margaret River is reagrded as the green soulful of the country with a rich diversity an array of natural wonders. Here you have it all, from sandy beaches to jagged cliffs, from long stretches of vineyards to towering forests with giant Karri trees. Thanks to the mild mediterranean climate in Margaret River there are ideal growing conditions for an array of local produce that has no like it, making of Margaret River Region a worldwide known region for excellent food and premium wines.If you want to discover Margaret River check out my guide on Rocky Travel Blog.
  • Fraser Island, a unique travel experience

    Fraser island is the biggest sand island on the earth and really very special. I decided to go on aZemanta Related Posts Thumbnail 3 day tour with a small group of 13 people. A local ranger took us everywhere and his knowledge about the island made this extremenly precious. I can highly recommend it if you are driving along the coast in Queensland and want to take a break, set out on a boat to visit this beautiful and unique island that makes it to top australia attractions too.

    Click here to access the Fraser Island Travel Guid

More Mini Travel Guide about travel Australia and its destinations are planned for the next months. I will add them to this list. So check out this page on a regular basis.

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